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Jun 28, 2016

Deborah Greaves Quoted in Corporate Counsel

Deborah Greaves was recently quoted in Jennifer Williams-Alvarez’s Corporate Counsel article “To Fight Counterfeits, US Should Follow Canada’s Lead.” The excerpt featuring Deborah can be found below.

A U.S. version of Project Chargeback would also be appreciated by consumers, says Deborah Greaves, a partner at the law firm Brutzkus Gubner and the former GC for True Religion Apparel. “In principle, it’s a good idea for people to have a self-help remedy for counterfeits,” she says. And, unlike currently existing bank policies that will reimburse consumers if they buy a counterfeit, this approach doesn’t just end with the consumer, Greaves says. “The nice thing about the Canadian program is that they go one step further by punishing the merchant,” she says.

Greaves says such a program would not change her approach to counterfeits if she were an inhouse lawyer, though. “It wouldn’t allow us to lighten up our diligence,” she says. But that’s not to say it wouldn’t be helpful, she adds, because the more tools you have to fight counterfeits, the better off a brand is.

“Cutting [merchants] off at the point of processing payments is one of the most effective ways of hurting their business,” Greaves says. “You will probably not cease their business, but you will disrupt it.”

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