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TransUnion customer never agreed to terms buried on website, brief argues – Thomson Reuters

Joe Balice was quoted in Melissa Sachs’ Thomson Reuters article “TransUnion customer never agreed to terms buried on website, brief argues.”

Here is an excerpt from the piece:

“Joseph G. Balice, a civil litigation partner at BG Law LLP in Los Angeles, has been following this case.

He said that with e-commerce becoming the preferred method for buying goods and services, this case is important to see how courts apply old contract doctrines to the new transaction framework.

‘In the old days, a consumer was handed what they knew to be a contract and given an opportunity to read and sign it. They may have neglected to read it, but at least they were given the chance,’ Balice said.

But it may not be the same today.

‘Now that commerce has ‘evolved,’ impetuous consumers are being asked to click through to approve terms and conditions they often ignore because they might not be sophisticated enough to know what they are entering into by clicking [a button],’ Balice said.”

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