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Court Grants Judgment, Injunction and Awards $600K in Client Favor Against Counterfeiter

Jeff Kobulnick has obtained judgment in favor of two BG Law clients against a defendant responsible for the unauthorized importation of counterfeit goods from China which violate the clients’ valuable trademarks and trade dress. The federal district court granted permanent injunctive relief against the counterfeiter, awarded $600,000 in statutory damages, as well as attorney fees, plus interest, to our clients. Recognizing that the counterfeit goods were virtually indistinguishable from genuine products, the Court agreed with BG Law that the defendant willfully infringed upon the clients’ rights, rendering the case exceptional under the Lanham Act. The case involves the defendant’s unlawful importation of over 400,000 counterfeit goods used in connection with the sale of knockoff over-the-counter medicated oil products which do not meet FDA regulations, posing a safety risk to the public.

Click on images to see “Genuine Product” vs. “Counterfeit Product.”

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