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Mar 19, 2018

Joseph Rothberg Quoted in Gizmodo Article

Joe Rothberg was recently asked by Gizmodo to comment on the legal questions that arise as posthumous recreations of deceased famous figures, such as holograms, become more common with technological advances. According to Joe, one’s publicity has different protections depending on where he or she ...  Read more

Feb 27, 2018

Steven Gubner Quoted in TheWrap on Weinstein Co. Bankruptcy

Steve Gubner was recently quoted in Matt Donnelly’s TheWrap article “Weinstein Co Bankruptcy Means Harvey’s Accusers May Never Get Paid by Studio,” which discusses the effect of TWC’s bankruptcy on victims and creditors. Steve talks about the legal barriers to victim compensa...  Read more

Feb 27, 2018

Robyn Sokol Quoted in Bloomberg, IndieWire on Weinstein Co. Bankruptcy

Robyn Sokol was recently asked by Bloomberg and IndieWire to comment on the beleaguered Weinstein Co.’s recent filing for bankruptcy. In the articles, Robyn discusses the bankruptcy process, and how the lawsuits filed against Weinstein and his alleged enablers would likely amount to increased sett...  Read more

Feb 23, 2018

Richard Burstein to Speak at ABI Bankruptcy Battleground West

Richard Burstein will be speaking at the 2018 American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) Bankruptcy Battleground West Conference taking place on March 6, 2018. The session is titled “Writs of Certiorari: Pros and Cons,” and will examine splits among the circuits on bankruptcy and bankruptcy-related iss...  Read more

Feb 21, 2018

Taylor Swift Wins Legal Battle Over ‘Shake It Off’

Ronald Abrams’ article “Taylor Swift Wins Legal Battle Over ‘Shake It Off’” was published in Forbes on February 20, 2018. In the article, Ron discusses the lawsuit filed by Sean Hall and Nathan Butler against Taylor Swift for the use of allegedly copyrighted lyrics, and the factors...  Read more

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