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Jerrold Bregman’s Article “Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2024” Published in Mile High CRE

Jerrold Bregman recently authored an article for Mile High CRE, a go-to online source for concise and timely commercial development news. The piece, “Commercial Real Estate Outlook for 2024,” details how Denver’s commercial real estate market has held up against nationwide economic hardship and offers Jerry’s perspectives on challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this new year.

Jerry predicts that all eyes will be on decisions made by the Federal Reserve in 2024, with investors hoping to see the current high interest rates drop as industries recover from inflation. “As we look out to 2024, we cannot easily predict what monetary policy actions the Federal Reserve will take if the current outlook of lowering inflation and a moderated labor market continues as presently anticipated,” Jerry shares.

He continues, “We know the desire is to ultimately reduce rates to take the pressure off of businesses and consumers, but the timeline is not yet clear despite the rate cuts some are anticipating will occur in 2024, nor is the question resolved as to whether any more rate hikes will come before the reductions.”

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