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Government & Municipalities

Our attorneys represent government entities in litigation, negotiations with third parties, and as creditors in bankruptcy cases large and small, with significant experience in obtaining recoveries.

Government entities often become creditors in bankruptcy cases.  Our attorneys represent government entities as creditors in bankruptcy cases ranging from large, high profile bankruptcy cases to smaller bankruptcy cases.  Assessing the claim at the beginning of the bankruptcy case is key to determining the best strategy for achieving the best possible result for our government entity clients.  That includes assessing whether a proof of claim in the bankruptcy case is sufficient, or whether a more active role in the bankruptcy case is beneficial. Our attorneys have significant experience in obtaining recoveries for government entities in bankruptcy cases, and in representing government entities in in bankruptcy adversary proceedings.

In addition to representing government entities in bankruptcy proceedings, our attorneys also represent government entities in state court litigation and in negotiations with third parties, including lenders and long-term tenants.  We provide key advice and counsel to government entities on issues ranging from contract negotiations to lease negotiations to discussions regarding the appropriate level of debt against long-term tenants of government entities.  We also regularly work with certified public accountants and forensic auditors to ensure compliance by companies that have entered into contracts and long-term leases with our government entity clients.


  • Represent California municipalities with claims in the In re Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. bankruptcy case.
  • Represented the City of Long Beach, a creditor, landlord and party-in-interest, in the In re Queen’s Seaport Development, Inc. (Queen Mary) bankruptcy case and in adversary proceedings within the bankruptcy case.
  • Represented the City of Los Angeles in litigation claims against third parties, tax claims in bankruptcy, restitution claims from criminal judgments, and all aspect of general bankruptcy claims.
  • Represent the City of Los Angeles in multiple chapter 11 claims.

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