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Jeff Kobulnick Interviewed by Business Insider, Radio New Zealand, ABC Radio National on Led Zeppelin Copyright Trial

Jeff Kobulnick was recently the focal point of a Business Insider article about an upcoming trial over one of classic rock’s most iconic songs “Stairway to Heaven.” Additionally, Jeff was interviewed by Radio New Zealand and Australia’s ABC Radio National on the highly publicized suit, which alleges that Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page plagiarized the introduction of the song from the opening chords to Spirit’s 1968 track “Taurus.” In the Business Insider article, Jeff discusses how processes such as the presentation of evidence and jury selection could play pivotal roles in the case.

“There’s a whole process that’s set up to ensure that the jury that finally gets impaneled is an objective group of people with no connection with anything going on in the case that might persuade them to cast a decision that’s inconsistent with the evidence that’s presented at trial,” says Jeff. “It’s probably not going to be possible to have a jury of people that have never heard of the bands, that have never heard the music, but the real question is, even with that understanding, can they only focus on the evidence that’s being presented by the parties at trial and only use that evidence and nothing from their own life experience outside of the courtroom to make that decision?”

To listen to Jeff’s interviews on Radio New Zealand and ABC Radio National, click here and here, respectively.

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