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Nike Converse’s ITC strategy a mixed bag – IP Watchdog

Nicholas Rozansky’s article “Nike Converse’s ITC strategy a mixed bag” was published by IP Watchdog on July 7, 2016.  In the article, Nick discusses the copyright infringement case of Nike Converse’s signature Chuck Taylor shoe.  Nike Converse, Inc. sued a total of 31 companies for copying the rubber “bumper” running around the front, a “toe cap” on the top of the shoe above the bumper, and lines running around the sides of the classic kick.  The case reached the International Trade Commission (ITC) and late last year, the ITC ruled that Nike Converse owns two trademarks on the outsole layout of the famous sneaker, but recently ruled that Nike Converse does not hold valid trademark rights to the midsole, which includes the bumper element of the shoe, along with the “toe cap.” 

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