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Steve Gubner Shares Insight on How Boutique Law Practices Compete with Big Law Firms

Steve Gubner recently spoke with the San Fernando Valley Business Journal about how boutique law firms stack up to big law firms. The article showcased the numerous business and quality of life benefits that boutique firms can provide.

Steve explained what he tries to cultivate within BG Law: “It’s not as much about the money as it is the environment…There will always be lawyers and individuals who want to get every dollar they can, and we’re not looking for those people.” Steve expanded on how he believes that a tight-knit team can be more competitive when they have a sound management structure, a healthy work environment, and a reasonable commute.

“A lot of our people really appreciate the fact that they can walk out of the house and be home in 10 minutes,” Steve said. “The Valley still offers a lot of great home and community opportunities for everybody, whether they have kids or not. It’s sort of grown as a destination point… It’s much easier to be happier where you work when you don’t have to drive an hour and a half for work.”

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