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Feb 3, 2017

Joe Rothberg Speaks to NPR on Digital Re-Creations of the Deceased

Joe Rothberg was recently interviewed by NPR for its Here & Now series in a segment called “The Legal Issues Of Digitally Resurrecting Dead Actors.” In the interview, Joe discusses the legal issues associated with digital re-creations of the deceased, particularly in the newest Star Wars ins...  Read more

Jan 31, 2017

Joe Balice to Present “How to Read an Insurance Policy: Understanding Your Coverage Before a Loss Occurs”

Joe Balice will present the webinar “How to Read an Insurance Policy: Understanding Your Coverage Before a Loss Occurs” for the Commercial Law WebAdvisor on February 28, 2017, and previously presented the webinar on October 13, 2016, August 11, 2016, and April 6, 2016. During the webinar, Joe wi...  Read more

Jan 28, 2017

Copyright Ownership (That’s What McCartney Wants)

It seems like just yesterday, all of Sony’s troubles seemed so far away. That was until legendary musician, Paul McCartney, filed a federal lawsuit last week against Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC (“Sony”), seeking a declaratory judgment that he will not be in breach of contract next year when ...  Read more

Jan 27, 2017

Alison Grabell, Jeffrey Kobulnick, Nicholas Rozansky and Robyn Sokol Recognized as 2017 Top “Super Lawyers”

Brutzkus Gubner is pleased to announce that Alison Grabell, Jeff Kobulnick, and Nick Rozansky were included in Thomson Reuters’ Southern California Top 100 “Super Lawyers” list for 2017. Alison Grabell and Robyn Sokol were also recognized as 2017 Southern California Top Women ...  Read more

Jan 25, 2017

Nick Rozansky Speaks to Bloomberg on Uber Arbitration Win

Nick Rozansky was recently quoted in Edvard Pettersson and Bob Van Voris’ Bloomberg article “Uber Wants Court Stamp on Arbitration Win as Hint to Drivers,” which discusses whether a California judge could approve an arbitrator’s decision to deny an Uber driver’s bid to be treated as an emp...  Read more

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